We will sell your quality used Apple product on consignment. What does this mean? No hassle, no lowballs, no meetups with strangers, no risk, and no effort. We will help you set a fair price for your Apple product, we will list it on our website, Kijiji, facebook Marketplace, and even eBay (if requested).

We accept many forms of payment for our products, opening up options for more buyers.

We test each product using the Apple Service Diagnostics, and offer a warranty to offer peace of mind to the buyer. We can also perform any necessary repairs, as well as clean and refurbish products such as replacing missing rubber feet on MacBooks.

Ex: MacBook Pro
Ex: 13" Retina
Ex: 8GB of memory, 500GB hard drive.
Can be found on the bottom case of most products. Ex: C0287BJBATM