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Canada wide mail-in repairs & upgrades

Yes, you can ship us your device for repair!

You are responsible for shipping the product to us. We will cover the return shipping if a service over $250 is completed. If a repair is declined, you are responsible to cover the return shipping cost.

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What services do we offer? 

  • MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini servicing, repair, and upgrades
  • Windows PC servicing, repair, and upgrades
  • Chromebook servicing and repair
  • iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch servicing and repair
  • Other brand tablet repair 
  • Charging Port replacement that requires soldering
  • Microsoldering services
  • Bent pin repair on motherboards
What will it cost?

We charge $70 + tax /hour for general upgrades and repairs. Most jobs take 1 hour. If you haven’t backed up your data, we can do it for you (add 1 hour).

For most logic board repairs and liquid damage, we charge a flat rate of $250 + tax for labour, and we include the cost of any board components required. Other parts, such as keyboards which common fail when connected with liquid, are not included in the labour charge.

For 2016+ MacBook Pros, and 2018+ MacBook Air logic board repairs and liquid damage, we charge a flat rate of $350 + tax for labour for a successful repair. These models are subject to a $70 + tax labour charge for unsuccessful repair to cover the cost of time and components used in the attempt specific to these newer logic boards. 

iPhone screen replacements are $80 + tax and up depending on the model.

iPad glass replacements are $115 + tax and up depending on the model (not including LCD if required).

iPad & other tablet charging port replacement is $149 + tax on most models

Ask us for a quote on your specific replacement!

What if it can’t be fixed?

We guarantee results. If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay (except where a diagnostic/labour charge has been discussed prior). 

What if it’s not worth fixing?

We will quote you on the repair before starting any work. If we feel the unit may not be worth the investment, we will let you know.

We can also take the unit in trade toward a newer model, or purchase it outright from you if we believe we can use it for parts.

How long will it take?

Most standard repairs and upgrades can be done same day or next day.

Board repairs and liquid damage have no guaranteed turnaround time. Often they take a day, but sometimes weeks to track down and work out gremlins hiding in a liquid damaged board.

Other shops/Apple told me I need to replace my logic board.

Apple and their Authorized Resellers can’t perform the types of repairs we do. We replace or repair the failed components on your logic board. We fix what others can’t, and we care enough about you and your product to put in the time and effort to properly diagnose the issue. Very rarely does a logic board actually need replacement.

What is the warranty on board repair?

We warranty our board repair labour for 1 year. If the board experiences a failure of the same rail, components, or areas as we repaired, we will repair it again at no charge.

I have a 2011 15″ or 17″ MacBook Pro with a failed GPU. Can it be fixed?

YES! Some shops and ebay stores will offer to “replace” the failed GPU. They often replace with the same faulty AMD GPU, which is due to fail with enough time again. There are NO replacements for these faulty boards and GPUs.

However, thanks to the efforts of a keen individual (thanks DosDude1), there is a firmware reflash available that will completely, and permanently bypass the faulty GPU.

What does this mean for your 2011 MacBook Pro?

  • It will function!
  • It will run exclusively on the Intel HD3000 graphics
  • It will function for YEARS to come!
  • It will NOT have external video output (can’t connect it to an external monitor via the Thunderbolt port)
  • It will NOT allow you to control the brightness of the display (it’ll always be 100%)
  • Did we mention… it will function!

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