Canada wide mail-in repairs & upgrades.

Yes, you can ship us your device for repair!

You are responsible for shipping the product to us. We will cover the return shipping if a service is completed. If a repair is declined, you are responsible to cover the return shipping cost.


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Broken or slow Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch? We can fix that!

We specialize in maintaining, servicing, upgrading, and advanced repairing of 2007 and newer iMacs, Late 2008 and newer MacBooks.

Have you been told by a “genius” that your Mac was too old to fix? Not worth it? We love Macs, and are happy to repair them at a reasonable and fair rate. Plus, we guarantee results. If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay.

We can also perform data recovery from failed drives or liquid damaged MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads.

Liquid damage, or failed logic board that needs “replacing”? We can repair them for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We have invested in the proper equipment to replace the failed components on a logic board, which are often smaller than a 1/4 of a grain of rice. We charge a flat rate of $250 for liquid damage and board repair. Wholesale rates available.

System running slow, need your operating system reinstalled? MacOS or Windows, we service all computers.

Adding more memory and a solid state drive will breathe new life into these systems and extend their usefulness for years to come!

Contact us today and say goodbye to slow computers!



What will it cost?

We charge $70/hour for general upgrades and repairs. Most jobs take 1 hour. If you haven’t backed up your data, we can do it for you (add 1 hour).

For board repairs and liquid damage, we charge a flat rate of $250 for labour, and we include the cost of any board components required. Other parts, such as keyboards which common fail when connected with liquid, are not included in the labour charge.

iPhone screen replacements are between $80-$140. 

iPad glass replacements are between $80-$120 (not including LCD if required). 

Apple Watch Series 1 display replacements are $140. 

Ask us for a quote on your specific replacement!

What if it can't be fixed?

We guarantee results. If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay.

What if it's not worth fixing?

We will quote you on the repair before starting any work. If we feel the unit may not be worth the investment, we will let you know.

We can also take the unit in trade toward a newer model, or purchase it outright from you if we believe we can use it for parts.

How long will it take?

Most standard repairs and upgrades can be done same day or next day.

Board repairs and liquid damage have no guaranteed turnaround time. Often they take a day, but sometimes weeks to track down and work out gremlins hiding in a liquid damaged board.

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